Friday, November 18, 2016

Nuevolution Blog/Story Idea

Dear Charlotte Agenda reporter,

I have a good story for you and your magazine/site. It centers around Nuevolution, a presentation about the New South. It showcases how Latinos live in the U.S. The presentation's range of people mostly focuses on Latinos, with a couple of mentions of Hispanics and U.S. citizens. The story covers multiple angles of the Latino lifestyles in America, including things like their education, vote eligibility, and citizenship. Latinos have become gradually more important to the U.S. as the years go by. The number of Latinos in America keep increasing, and the young ones are learning speak English. These citizens are looking for a better life when they come to the states and want to flee from any conflict they may come into contact with. The visuals in this presentation are really cool and creative. The notes are showcased in a bubble graph with neat transitions and information that is not overwhelming. I can provide some images of graphs pertaining to how Latinos have lived in the U.S. in my own story. I believe this story would make a great article for your site. Thank you for your time and have a nice day!

                                                                                                    -Eli Johnston

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Holiday Decoration Dominance

Halloween does not seem to get as much attention as I feel it should. While it's not my favorite holiday, that would be Christmas, I believe it does seem to get tossed aside earlier than one would expect. I feel this way because of the way decorations seem to be handled. Throughout this month, with a few exceptions, I have rarely seen Halloween decorations that really stand out. There are the occasional decorations that completely cover the front yard of neighborhood houses, but they are few and far between. Even today, I see more Christmas decorations than Halloween, the biggest example being in a place like Cracker Barrel. They have about three Christmas Trees there right now, and only about one shelf dedicated to Halloween, which is a bit ridiculous to me.
I've seen Christmas stuff in stores as early as late July, and Halloween-themed trinkets tend to not show up until about a month and a half later if that. In my neighborhood, we don't have as many spooky objects about as we used to, and not even that many trick-or-treaters if at all. I am not saying that Halloween should completely upstage Christmas, I just think Halloween should be front and center until after October 31. The orange and black is every bit as celebratory and popular of a holiday as the red and green.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Roger Reader

Drew E. Zul is a young student artist looking for inspiration. He is visiting Charlotte, NC to see what its art galleries offer and how they are presented. He wants to be impressed and see some amazing art with a lot of variety that draws attention. Drew looks to be like the artists who made the art that is presented. He wants to learn how and why the art was able to be showcased in a museum.

The style of this article will be meant to be more lighthearted and inviting. I would like to just interest my readers and make them feel more relaxed rather than acting like visiting these galleries is an urgency. It is more just a recommendation than an absolute must. The article will be for someone who enjoys art and would like to pay a visit to many of its attractions.

Friday, October 7, 2016

How College has been

So it’s Fall break now and I thought I should look back at how things have been going for me since I started college two years ago. I would like to talk about college in general just in case some high school graduates are curious about what it’s like. I have been at Central Piedmont Community College for four and a half semesters and it has been an enjoyable experience for me. I’ve had four classes in each semester which I think is a good amount to have. Not too little or too many. The classes vary in time from 50 minutes to two and a half hours. There is also a lot of variety with what kind of classes you can take in college. Of course there are the standard English, Math, Science, and History classes, but there are also classes for subjects like Business, Broadcasting, Communications, and Technology. College is pretty expensive though, with classes and textbooks costing a combined couple of hundred dollars, but it’s, no pun intended, a small price to pay for a good education.

I believe college also encourages students to be more independent with themselves. It seems like it has been that way for me at least. Starting about halfway through my third semester I began to start driving to my classes on my own once I finally got my driver’s license. I am currently enrolled in a few classes where my assignments are to go out and interview whoever I want. Recently I have opened up my own bank account so now I can start paying for stuff for myself more often, which I know will be needed for future semesters.

College offers students plenty of benefits. You can learn about a variety of subjects, make new friends, and best of all, make up your own schedule for your classes. Does college interfere with your work schedule? Make it so it doesn’t and balance things out. Do you want extra time to work on assignments? Make it so you get some days off. Last semester I had before this one, I had Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays off. It really helped to pace myself with my homework. You may not have as much holidays or teacher workdays off in college, but your holiday breaks in between semesters make up for it. Winter break can last a month long as opposed to two weeks before, while Summer break can go for almost three and a half months in comparison to a little under two and a half months. College has been a pleasant surprise for me. I was nervous at first when I first started, but it is an education level that is worthwhile.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Post-Pulitzer Analysis

Today I attended a Pulitzer prize presentation at CPCC. The event celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Pulitzer prize. The panel of political cartoonists who attended the event included Mark West, Eric Freedman, Kevin Siers, and Rodrigo Dorfman. They discussed many of the cartoons they as well as other cartoonists have made, attracting a Latino audience, and comparing the old South to the new South. One thing that really stood out to me about this panel was Dorfman's quote: "Reality is always up for grabs." It's as if he is saying if opportunities that seem impossible to take are constantly knocking at our doors we can go for them. We have a possibility to succeed.

Image result for kevin siers
Image result for kevin siers

These two cartoons were showcased at the panel and were both drawn by Kevin Sier. I believed that these two cartoons were showed off at the panel because of how good it represents the basic concept and idea of a political cartoon. Kevin himself said at the presentation that political cartoons are satirical greatly exaggerated interpretations of what is happening for real at the time of the publication of said cartoon. They are meant more as small distractions from reality that readers can get a good chuckle out of. Plus they both feature a present day political figure that everybody knows well enough. These two cartoons represent Barack Obama's controversial run as U.S. president. It shows the pressure of the job and the amount of work and dedication Obama put into it well. Just by the characters, the way they are depicted, and the expressions on their faces alone all put a grin on my face. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pre-Pulitzer Analysis


This image I found in an article about photographer John H. White is interesting to me for a couple of reasons. The woman doing heroin in the picture seems to be in deep thought as she watches her daughter run around all happy. To me, it's as if the mother is envying her daughter for appearing to be so energetic and carefree, while she sits around looking all depressed. She has mostly likely been through more hardships than her daughter ever has.
I think what makes this image special to me is the fact that I can relate to it. Seeing how that woman is doing drugs, I can only assume that she's had a hard life. Children are always considered to be more fun-loving and overall positive individuals because of course they do not have as much experience with life's challenges as adults do and therefore really have nothing much to worry about. I remember being a kid and generally having a fun time throughout most of my childhood. When I turned 12 though, I for whatever reason started to think about more serious subjects such as bad news and even death. I would much rather prefer to be a kid so I would not have to think about how hard life can get. It's a good thing my hobbies tend to keep my mind off possible difficulties.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Diggy is Free!

Today I read an article about a dog named Diggy who almost had his new home taken from him just because he was accused of being a pit bull breed pup. Apparently its not good for someone to own a pit bull in Michigan. So a legal battle that lasted for months ended with Diggy finally getting to stay with his new owner. All of this happened just because the owner, named Dan Tillery, posted a selfie on FaceBook with Diggy celebrating him being adopted. To me it seems pretty ridiculous that a dog would be threatened to be taken back to the shelter he was just adopted from just because he was thought to be a certain breed. It would be especially ridiculous considering that according to Tillery and the Detroit Dog Rescue shelter owner Kristina Rinaldi, Diggy is a very nice dog, and if the pictures I've seen of him are any indication, he's a very happy dog when he's not lonely. I wasn't the only one who thought this as tons of supporters protested and petitioned for Diggy to stay in his happy place, and it worked. Rinaldi describes Diggy as a big goofball who loves everybody and is super sweet. I believe her.